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Research and Development

National Certificated Technology Center

National Engineering Laboratory for Bio-technology 


Qilu Pharmaceutical is accredited as the National Certificated Technology Center . It has an integrated technique innovation system, which is composed of Qilu Durg Research Institute, drug research department of each subsidiary and technique innovation team of each workshop with the responsibilities of new drug research and manufacturing process improvement. Qilu pharmaceuticals has about 800 full-time R&D Staffs in which 20 persons have the oversea pharmaceuticals working experience. More than 100 senior investigators &doctors and about  500 masters are also included in this team.


Qilu Drug Research Institute is the key research unit in Qilu group. In the past twenty years, Qilu Drug Institute has obtained over 120 new drug certificates and applied for up to 100 patented inventions as well as 40 technology rewards. It also undertakes 17 national projects of “Important New Drug Research”. There are over 100 new drugs in the pipeline, which forms a sound circle from research to production.